Transition Assessment and Goal Generator


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Developed By
James Martin, Ph.D.
Maeghan Hennessey, Ph.D.
Amber McConnell, Ph.D.
Robert Terry, Ph.D.
Donna Willis, B.A.
Webmaster: Chad Bailey

The TAGG is a new on-line transition assessment for secondary-aged youth with disabilities, their families, and professionals. TAGG items derive from research identified student behaviors associated with post high school employment and education. The TAGG provides a norm-based graphic profile, present level of performance statement, lists of strengths and needs, and suggested IEP annual transition goals. Numerous studies demonstrated that the TAGG produces valid and reliable results. A grant from the U.S. Dept. of Education's National Center for Special Education Research supported TAGG development.

NOTE: Professors or graduate students who want to use the TAGG in college courses or in non-funded research studies can obtain free TAGG access at the TAGG Demo site. The TAGG DEMO website is kept private and we will only grant access to professors for use in their college classes, to researchers who want to use the TAGG in non-funded studies, and to educators conducting professional development for other professionals. If you believe you meet one of these three circumstances and want free access to the TAGG, send an email to with the number of TAGG sets needed, a brief description of your intended use, and describe your role at the college, university, or agency. In return, we simply ask that feedback regarding TAGG use or a summary of data results be sent to us to assist with future TAGG revisions.