Learn About the TAGG-HS

– Brief explanation of purpose, development, and TAGG features.

– This video briefly describes how the TAGG online transition assessment can be used to develop strong annual IEP goals related to students' postsecondary employment and further education goals.

– 17-minute video with captions and screen shots describes administration of the TAGG and explains the result profile.

– Describes TAGG constructs and representative behaviors.

– FAQ (frequently asked question) format includes information on cost and purchasing, then in a step-by-step process explains accessing, administering, and utilizing TAGG results. Includes screen shots.

– Screen shots of the TAGG assessment and results profile in a 9-slide PowerPoint file.

– Detailed description of the TAGG development process, validity evidence, scoring, and information on the TAGG’s lack of test bias.